Lámparas en el Rococó

Lamps in the Rococo

The lamp in the Rococo, France (Louis XV) The passage from the Baroque Louis XIV to the disturbing and frivolous Rococo of Louis XV had as a bridge, a very significant historical stage: that of the eight years that the Regency of the Duke of Orleans. In this...

Las lámparas en el Barroco

 At the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th, certain changes in the predominant style began to appear in Italy, the consequence of which was the appearance of new concepts and forms that were to condition the emergence of a different and peculiar style ...
Las lámparas en el Renacimiento

Lamps in the Renaissance

Italia  «Decir Renacimiento, es decir Italia. » Estas palabras, de Luis María Feduchi, que podemos leer en su «Historia del mueble», son una síntesis clara y elocuente de lo que el Renacimiento, nacido en Toscana a mediados del siglo XV, significó para Italia    Entre...
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