Escala Chandelier Restoration

Restoration Workshop Old Lamps

The restoration of old lamps has been our priority for more than 50 years, as a way of contributing to the conservation of this appreciated heritage that has suffered deterioration over time. Our priority is to respect the characters that reflect the age and beauty of the piece and the satisfaction of the client with the work done.

In addition, we make our own glass design products such as chandeliers, chandeliers, modern lamps, wall sconces, table lamps, diffusers… In the same way, we make personalized custom lamps available on request to suit the consumer.
At Escala Lamps we also have accessories and spare parts for classic and antique lamps.

We are passionate about what we do and that is why we put so much love and care into each piece that comes to us to be restored or in the creation of new pieces. As we know, lighting is an essential element in our home and the environment that surrounds us, therefore, a correct lighting design can play a very positive role in our daily lives and in our mood.

Restauracion lampara araña

When we receive a request from a client, the first thing we do in our workshop is to assess the condition and the work that the piece requires to give a quote as tight as possible and the clients can make their decision.
Once the quote is accepted, we proceed to pick up the piece, although in some cases it is our own clients who come to our workplace depending on whether the piece is assembled or disassembled and its weight. Once we have the piece in our workshop, we proceed to evaluate and repair it, analysing and choosing the most appropriate restoration method depending on the material and the state in which it is found.
Then we separate and disassemble the parts to restore the electrical integrity if necessary or in some cases, such as candle lamps, we proceed to the total incorporation of the electrical system. After the disassembly we proceed to cleaning the pieces one by one, each one with different characteristics, material and depending on how the pieces are found, since they may be broken or some are missing due to the passage of time, our goal is always to achieve the desired finish.
Later we assemble the piece again and check its proper functioning before returning it to your home to ensure that its result is as expected.
We also want to express our enormous gratitude to all the people who trust in Escala Lamps since it is a great satisfaction for us to be able to continue carrying out such an artisan job that requires so much dedication.