Lamp restoration

Restoration allows the lamps to be repaired, renewed, maintained and conserved over time.

Thus, our main working method is carried out respecting the patina that has been created on the piece with the passage of time, which embellishes the lamp even more once the restoration process is finished. Also note that the electrical components are always renewed


  1. Technical data record and photographic record
  2. Analysis and choice of restoration method
  3. Budget making
  4. Disassembly
  5. Physical and / or chemical cleaning of metal and glass
  6. Electrolytic bath (sometimes it will be necessary to achieve the desired finish)
  7. New electrical installation
  8. Mounting
  9. Photographic record
  10. Packaging
  • Shipping to customer's address
  • Delivery and placement of the lamp at the customer's address


  1. Mechanical and chemical cleaning (removal of dirt and inhibition of corrosion)
  2. Arrangements in the structure (Welds, rivets, …)
  3. Rebuilding parts of missing parts
  4. Surface decoration (pigments, patina, …)
  5. Object protection

Budget request

To request quotes for both restoration of old lamps and for new designs, you can contact us through our email or by WhatsApp on the phone +34 664 422 221